Sacred Heart School Testimonials

Thomas Hazel

I joined Sacred Heart in year 7 and admittedly was quite apprehensive at first, but just a few days in I realised this fear was misplaced, the school was a fun, encouraging and welcoming place. Perhaps the biggest change for me personally was the comparatively tiny class sizes. However I personally do not see this as even a slight negative, it meant that the whole class could have more teacher interaction which made learning things that much easier.

Thomas-and-JulienOne of the best things of Sacred Heart is the opportunities presented to all students, the musical opportunities made the biggest difference to me, from music lesson in many instruments to showcases of talent such as the annual house music competition. This not only gave me the chance to share my passion but allowed me to use it to try and help my house win! Not only is this event great experience it also encouraged others which is not just pleasing for me but is also very much fitting with the schools ethos, and is impressive for such a small community of people. As well as this there were other academical opportunities, one that stands out particularly to me was the trip to France in year 8, we visited many sites to do with the first world war and overall was an incredibly enjoyable trip. As well as this in year 10 I had the chance to take part in the Duke Of Edinburgh award scheme which is a highly rewarding and fun experience which I would recommend to everyone.

However, the best part of Sacred Heart for me was being chosen to represent the school as the very first head boy. It was an incredible feeling to be chosen for this position and the start of what I hope to be a long tradition of head boys. This also was incredibly helpful for my public speaking which is a skill I will definitely be taking forward.

Overall I really enjoyed Sacred Heart and everything it could offer me, I will treasure my time there, the people I met and the memories I made.


Pupil 2002 – 2015

I joined the school as a three year old in pre-reception and went on to go through both the middle school and the senior school, leaving after thirteen years of being a member of Sacred Heart. One of the most special qualities the school has is its sense of community and ‘family-like’ atmosphere, which is found between all the key stages and especially in the lower school, where some of the fondest memories of my education took place. There were so many opportunities available, from simply taking part in assemblies and assisting at Mass, to the trips to France, which provided and enabled me to have some unique and treasurable experiences that I would not have otherwise gained. I particularly enjoyed being a member of the choir for many years, which is an example of an activity where both pupils and teachers joined as one to work together, from the youngest to the oldest. I felt very comfortable singing with everyone as there was no pressure to be perfect, as long as you aimed to try your very best and it was wonderful to perform at concerts and show what could be achieved by a small group of people, who despite their size had a strong fraternity. In conclusion, the school was the best place for me because of these aspects and has prepared me well for the future and the sixth form education I am now undergoing. I will appreciate and value my time at Sacred Heart every day, not just as a school but as a truly advantageous and wonderful place.


Pupil 1977 – 1986 | Teacher 1997 – Present

I attended Sacred Heart School from the age of 6 to 16 years. I have many memories of my time as a pupil, including performing in Christmas carol concerts and at garden fetes, educational trips in the local area and to London and France as well as swimming in the school pool during the summer months.
As an adult I feel I really was very fortunate to be a pupil here and in many ways, also very privileged since I received not only a sound academic education, but an excellent social one thanks to the Sisters and dedication of the teachers.
As the years have gone by, Sacred Heart has become so much more than just a school to my entire family. My parents were involved running stalls at fetes and bazaars and have maintained their links with the Sisters as a result. My sister and I both formed lifelong friendships with fellow pupils.
Now as a teacher at the school, I continue to see, on a daily basis, its capacity to encourage all pupils to develop their own individual and unique talents whilst providing well rounded education. Most importantly to me, my own children have benefited from the caring and supportive environment that is such a prominent feature of the school. I am proud to be associated with the Sacred Heart School as pupil, parent and teacher and hope this may continue for many years to come.