Lower School Day

A Typical School Day For Year 1 & 2

Years 1 & 2 may arrive at school on the playground at 8.30am where a member of staff is on duty. Alll should be present on the playground by 8.40am when they are lined up and taken into school for registration at 8.50am.

In wet weather the children go to the activity room.

Time Activity
8.50 Registration. Lessons Begin
10.35 Break
10.55 Lessons
12.00 Lunch & then outdoor play followed by 15 minutes organised time inside plus milk or water to drink
13.30 Afternoon lessons
15.20 End of school day. Pupils are taken to the gate by the Sports Hall at 15.30. The member of staff on duty will take any pupil not collected back to the Boarding House
A Typical School Day For Years 3 – 6

Years 3 – 6 should be present at school by 8.30am, ready for registration at 8.40am.

Time Activity
8.40 Assembly / form period / lessons
9.05 Lessons
10.35 Break
10.55 Lessons
12.10/12.15 Lunch and playtime / various lunchtime clubs & activities
13.30 Lessons
15.45 School ends