Free School Information

Proposed Free School in September 2018

The Sacred Heart School was founded by a religious group of Austrian Sisters called the “Daughters of Divine Charity” and they have been providing high quality Catholic/Christian education for over 100 years in Swaffham.

We wish to share our ethos and vision with a wider group of parents and give more children the chance to gain greater opportunities and better GCSE results in a small friendly school where they can fulfill their God-given aspirations, become confident learners, and in turn be able and willing to transform our world.

Receive Your Free School: Survey

If you are interested in helping the Sacred Heart School become a free school, or enrolling your child with us, our Free School: Parent Survey is available via Email simply by entering your details into the form provided on this page. The information we gather from these parent survey’s will help us move forward in our goal of becoming a free school in 2018.

More Information

As a Free School we would be state-funded but manage our own affairs independently from central and local government. The Sacred Heart School would continue to provide a dynamic mix of academic learning and extra curricular enrichment but with the added advantage of no day fees. Future growth will be carefully managed to balance local demand with our continued commitment to keep class sizes smaller than most other state-funded schools in the area.

For any further enquiries, please feel free to read our open letter to interested parents or you can call us on 01760 721330.

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In order to demonstrate to the Department of Education that there is parental support for the school we need your help

The government requires that parents confirm that they would choose the Sacred Heart School as their first choice of school. If you name the school now as your first choice this would not be binding.

Your support will help us to establish demand for our Free School

It will also help us to provide a greater choice of secondary schools in the area. There is a particular need for a Catholic and Christian secondary school in West Norfolk. If you name the Sacred Heart as your first choice this will not be binding. The information that you supply will be anonymised and have no bearing on the L.A. admissions process.

Vision & Ethos

The Sacred Heart School will create an all through community school based on Catholic / Christian values and ethos, and will welcome pupils of other faiths or none. The SH Free School will continue to serve the local community by providing an outstanding quality of education, exemplary behaviour and a willingness to serve and be involved in local affairs.

We will retain our motto of 'Service Before Self'

We will inspire all pupils to empathise with others, understand the needs of the wider community, give generously of their time, and make a difference through charitable work

Every pupil will be known and cared for by staff and other pupils in our nurturing, formative community

Pupils will be able to thrive and be encouraged to use their talents in our small caring environment. Younger pupils will find role models amongst the older pupils and in turn they will learn family skills, compassion and responsibility.

We believe in the holistic view of education

Every pupil will be encouraged to achieve their full potential through participation in a broad curriculum that will build social confidence through assemblies, performances and enrichment activities in music, drama and sport. With our strong work ethic and encouragement of individuality all pupils are expected to make good progress and have a sense of achievement at each stage of their education.

Every pupil will be inspired to give their best - 100% every day.

This means high expectations in all areas – uniform, behaviour, respect for one another, participation in lessons and pride in themselves.

We will promote healthy living

Through a dedicated programme on nutrition, exercise, relaxation and ways to improve concentration and focusing the mind as well as mental well-being.

Enrichment Activities will take place as part of the school day on three days per week

There will be a wide choice of activities run by members of staff or visiting speakers. Personal development studies will include music, drama and sport but there will also be opportunities to learn many new skills in 5- 6 weekly sessions which will be recorded on a Learning Passport. This is an opportunity for parents and friends to be fully involved with the school in sharing their skills or expertise.

Before and after school care and a homework club will be available daily

There may be the possibility of termly, weekly or flexi-boarding

The school will be divided into 6 houses, run by Year 11 Officers

Each house will also run under the patronage of a particular saint. Inter-house music, sport and other activities will be organised by staff and pupils on a regular basis. Pupils may gain house points and service awards to go towards a House trophy.

The Sacred Heart Free School will cater for pupils from 3 - 16 years of age including a nursery

The proposed school opening in September 2018 will have a two form entry in the Secondary School and a single form entry in the Primary School.

There is a need for a small school in the area that can continue to provide an excellent all round education for all children

Particularly those who find large schools intimidating, or who have failed to make progress in maintained schools because of large class sizes, or who have particular or special needs such as dyslexia.

Proposed curriculum

Teaching will be within the spirit of the National Curriculum which provides rigorous and comprehensive programmes of study with a faith-based and academic approach to education. Pupil progress will be monitored by setting individual targets and assessing pupil’s twice termly. A team of highly qualified staff will ensure that all students develop strong foundations in literacy and numeracy through all subjects.

A 'Future Proofed' Curriculum

Which will underpin our well rounded approach to education. Pupils will have the best academic chances opening future pathways to higher education, and employment. This will include opportunities for an academic Ebacc Curriculum (Maths, English, Science, humanities and a foreign language) We will also give time to the creative arts subjects such as Music, Drama, PE, Art and Design, and Ceramics which is inspired by the concept and values of STREAM (Science, Technology, RE, Engineering, the Arts &Maths). Learning will be enhanced with innovative approaches that will engage students, using modern technology as well as tried and tested traditional methods to inspire curiosity and life-long learning.

Aspirations and goals

  • Create a caring and supportive live faith-based community with strong morals
  • Provide each pupil with the best education to develop and flourish in a unique way
  • Give pupils a strong sense of duty, citizenship, responsibility and care for others
  • Encourage a love of life-long learning and a transforming power to do good in the world