Sacred Heart School Parental Survey

Please indicate how the following considerations will influence your choice of secondary school:

A free school is funded by the government but isn't run by the local council. A free school therefore has
more control over how they do things. Free schools are governed by non-profit charitable trusts that sign
funding agreements with the Secretary of State. Free schools are expected to offer a broad and balanced
curriculum and are subject to the same Ofsted inspections as all other maintained schools and are expected
to comply with standard performance measures.


Please answer all of the following questions:

I would like to register my interest in possibility sending my child/ren to the Sacred Heart School,
Swaffham when it becomes a free school in 2018 or some point thereafter.

Please indicate when
you would be interested in sending your child/ren to join Sacred Heart Free School by completing
the form below:

In which year would your child need a place Sacred Heart Free School?

I understand, that by registering my interest at this point this doesn't necessarily
guarantee me a place for my child/ren at the Sacred Heart School, Swaffham but does
indicate that I would be interested to learn more about the opportunity of doing so at
some point in the future.