The Boarding House is like a small, friendly family where special care is taken of any new members. Download our Boarding Handbook today.

Prospective boarders are invited to come in together with their parents, when they meet the Housemistress and are shown around the Boarding House. They also receive a copy of the Boarders Handbook.
They have the opportunity to come for a tester day(s) when there is the opportunity to meet with current pupils and staff members. This enables them to familiarise themselves with the layout of the School and its procedures.

The first day of boarding. Each new boarder will be allocated a ‘buddy’ in order to help through this initial familiarisation period.
On arrival new boarders are shown to their allocated dormitory where they unpack their belongings, shown the facilities, advised of the daily routine, meet the other boarders and get ready for school.

At the end of the school day all boarders return to the Boarding House when the afternoon / evening routine operates.
The Housemistress and the boarders have regular meetings when they talk about the life in the Boarding House and discuss any matters. In case of any queries, worries or concerns the boarders are encouraged to ask anyone Staff or other boarders immediately!